Avian evolution in Howard & Moore check lists 1980~2013 (and at IOC 2020)

Spiloptera rufifrons (Red-faced Warbler) in 1980 changed into Apalis rufifrons in 1990, Urorhipis rufifrons (Red-faced Apalis) in 2003, and Prinia rufifrons in 2013 (from Sylviidae to Cisticolidae).

The 4 Newtonia species moved from Muscicapinae to Sylviidae in 1990, and to Vangidae in 2003.

Record family mover is Oxylabes cinereiceps that changed from Muscicapidae to Timaliidae in 1990, then to Pycnonotidae in 1994 (Phyllastrephus cinereiceps, Grey-crowned Greenbul), to Sylviidae in 2003 (Xanthomixis cinereiceps, Grey-crowned Tetraka), and finally Bernieridae in 2013.

Thripophaga berlepschi (Berlepsch's Canastero) became Asthenes berlepschi in 2003. Phacellodomus berlepschi (Russet-mantled Softtail) became Thripophaga berlepschi in 2003 and Cranioleuca berlepschi in 2013 (the latter not at IOC).

Certhiaxis gutturata (Speckled Spinetail) became Cranioleuca gutturata in 2003 and Thripophaga gutturata in 2013 (the latter not at IOC).

Slaty-backed Flycatcher (Ficedula hodgsonii) became Ficedula sordida in 2013 (Ficedula erithacus in 2020 at IOC). Pygmy Blue Flycatcher (Niltava hodgsoni) became Muscicapella hodgsoni in 2003, and Ficedula hodgsoni in 2013 (at IOC in 2020).

Rusty-backed Monjita from Argentina was Xolmis rubetra at H&M in 1980 (following Hellmayr, 1927), then, as close relative to Neoxolmis rufiventris, changed to Neoxolmis rubetra by 1990 (done already in 1979 Peters’ update following Melvin A. Traylor, Jr. 1977: A Classification of the Tyrant Flycatchers), back to Xolmis rubetra in 1994, and finally Neoxolmis rubetra again in the July 2021 IOC update, together with ex-Xolmis Neoxolmis coronatus and salinarum. *

Solomon Islands White-eye started as Zosterops rendovae, became Zosterops kulambangrae in 2003 (and at IOC since its start in 2006). Dark-eyed White-eye started as Zosterops rendovae in 2013, and Zosterops tetiparius at IOC in 2016. Grey-throated White-eye started as Zosterops ugiensis, became Zosterops rendovae at IOC in 2017.

Cettia fortipes (Strong-footed Bush Warbler) became Brownish-flanked Bush Warbler in 2003, Horornis fortipes in 2013. Cettia acanthizoides (Verreaux's Bush Warbler) became Cettia robustipes acanthizoides in 1990, Cettia acanthizoides again (Yellowish-bellied Bush Warbler) in 2003, Horornis acanthizoides in 2013. Cettia acanthizoides robustipes became Cettia robustipes (Swinhoe's Bush Warbler) in 1990, Cettia fortipes robustipes in 2003, and Horornis fortipes robustipes in 2013.

* See also A Classification of the Bird Species of South America

Source: The Howard and Moore complete checklist of the birds of the world

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