History of Hopestar Kei Jidosha

Having been the pioneer of 3-wheeled K-cars with a production of 7000 in 1959, the 4-wheeled Hopestar Unicar NT arrived as a pick-up in 1960 with a wheelbase of 200 cm. The rear axle was rigid with leaf springs, the engine a 2-cycle 2-cylinder air-cooled 356 cc. In May, 1960 the Hopestar Unicar NL 2-door wagon was added.

In 1961, the Hopestar OT pick-up arrived on a wheelbase of 198 cm and with a length of 297 cm and with the same engine and suspension. This vehicle was deleted in 1965.

Then, in June, 1968 started the production of the Hopestar ON offroad vehicle. There was a separate chassis with rigid axles and leaf springs front and rear. The body was open, the wheelbase 195 cm, the engine the Mitsubishi Minica 2-cycle 2-cylinder 359 cc. It is said that only 15 vehicles have been produced in 1968. The company didnot have enough power of mass production. Therefore, the right of the design and the manufacturing was transferred to Suzuki, which developed the Jimny.


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Far East Auto Literature, 1998-1999