History of Cony Kei Jidosha

The Cony Giant 360 AF3 was introduced in December, 1959, a 2-door wagon was added in May, 1960, and it was also available as a panel van. It rode on a wheelbase of 195.5 cm with coil springs in front and a rigid rear axle with leaf springs and had a separate chassis. The length was 298.5 cm, the width 128.5 cm. The engine, originally a 4-cycle 359 cc air-cooled 2-cylinder boxer, 354 cc by April, 1961 was placed midship under the floor, driving the rear wheels. There was also the Giant 600 AF5 wagon and pick-up with a length of 334.5 cm and a wheelbase of 207.2 cm, with the engine enlarged to 600 cc.

In November, 1961 the Cony 360 Coach was released, a 2-door sedan with rear engine (same data as AF3), on a wheelbase of 192 cm, rubber springs at the front and an independent coil suspension at the rear. A wagon, called Cony Coach V, came in February, 1962 and eventually replaced the sedan. This vehicle was renamed Cony Special by April, 1963 and was deleted in 1965.

By July, 1962 came the Cony 360 AF7 pickup, succeeding the AF3, still with the underfloor engine and separate chassis, now with a wheelbase of 197 cm, accompanied in November, 1962 by a 2-door wagon. The length and width were now near the maximum limits. This vehicle was produced in Taiwan as YLN 601. The Cony existed until 1970.


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Note: Length/Width/Displacement originally 300 cm/130 cm/360 cc . . . by April, 1976: 320 cm/140 cm/550 cc . . . by March, 1990: 330 cm/140 cm/660 cc . . . by October, 1998: 340 cm/148 cm/660 cc


Far East Auto Literature, 1998-1999