World car of the 80s

World Car of the eighties is the second generation Volkswagen Passat/Santana.


This Passat was first introduced in Germany in November 1980 as a 3-door Hatchback, 5-door Hatchback and 5-door Wagon, followed in September 1981 by a 4-door Sedan, called Santana (which was renamed Passat in early 1985). In USA/Canada the cars were called Quantum (5-door Hatchback not available).

The cars were also produced in Spain.

From December 1981 the Passat 5-door Hatchback and Wagon were manufactured in South Africa, followed in November 1982 by the 4-door Sedan, called Passat also.

By January 1984, the VW Santana was produced by Nissan in Japan.

In June 1984 the Santana 4-door Sedan came into production in Brazil, next to a 2-door Sedan, followed in April 1985 by the 5-door Wagon, called Quantum. The 2-door Sedan, 4-door Sedan and Wagon received new roof ends by April 1991, December 1991 and in 1992 respectively. From June 1991 the revised 2-door and from November 1991 the 4-door Sedan were also sold as Ford Versailles, while in 1992 a 3-door Wagon arrived as Ford Royale, by 1995 changed into a 4-door Wagon.

From the mid-eighties the Santana was also produced in Nigeria.

Late 1984 saw the introduction of the 4-door Sedan and Wagon as Corsar in Mexico.

In 1985 the 4-door Sedan came into production in China as Shanghai-Volkswagen Santana (initially called Shanghai Santana or Santana-Shanghai in the export), together with the Wagon, followed in 1995 by a 4-door Sedan with extended wheelbase with the new Brazilian roof end. The Santana is still in full production in China.

By 1987 the 4-door Sedan was manufactured in Argentina as Carat. By 1992 the revised 4-door Sedan was sold as Ford Galaxy.


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Far East Auto Literature, 1998