World car of the 60s

World Car of the sixties is the Fiat 124 and derivatives (production peaked in the '70s and '80s).

March 1966 saw the introduction of the Fiat 124 in Italy as a 4-door sedan. The Familiare (Wagon) came in November 1966, while in March 1967 the Fiat 125 was introduced with extended wheelbase and leaf springs instead of coil springs at the rear.

In 1967, in Spain came the Seat 124 as a Sedan and a Wagon, by April 1969 it was accompanied by the Seat 1430.

By 1968, FSO in Poland started the production of the Polski-Fiat 125P (technically based on the Fiat 1300/1500), in 1971 came a Wagon and later a Pick-up.

In Russia the VAZ 2101 Zhiguli (Export: Lada 1200), based on the Fiat 124 Sedan was introduced in November 1969, followed by the 2102 (Wagon) in February 1972; in January 1973 the 2103 (Lada 1500) was introduced, in August 1974 came the 21011 (Lada 1300), replaced later by the 21013 (Lada 1200s); in December 1975 came the 2106 (Lada 1600, later built as Lada 1300s and 1500s). The 2106 was built until January 2002 by Avtovaz and from July 2001 until January 2006 by IZh with assembling from 2003 as Lada 2106 by LuAZ in Ukraine (next to other Ladas). Next to this line came in 1980 the 2105 (also as Lada) with new sheetmetal beneath the greenhouse, followed by the 2107 with enlarged grille in 1981 and the 2104 (Wagon) in August 1985. In certain countries the 2105 and 2104 were known as Lada Nova and Lada Riva. The 2105 and 2107 are still sold, since 2004 as Lada in Russia also, the latter is also assembled in Egypt since 2002. The 2104 is built by IZh. The 2105 and 2104 are still assembled in Ukraine.

Fiat-Concord in Argentina started production of the Fiat 1600 in 1970, based on the Fiat 125. The car was renamed Fiat 125 by 1973 when a Wagon and later a Pick-up were added (different from the Polish versions).

In former Yugoslavia the Polish 125P was built by Zastava as 125PZ from 1970 (Sedan).

Asia Motors in South Korea started production of the Fiat 124 in 1970.

In February 1971, Tofas in Turkey began building the Murat 124, renamed Serce by the middle of the 80s.

Finally, in the autumn of 1985, Premier in India built the 118 NE, based on the 124 with a Nissan engine, in the mid of the 90s accompanied by the 1.38 D with FNM Diesel engine. By 1997 it was renamed Viceroy.


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