The second generation Hyundai Grandeur with honors to the Koreans is among the best designs of the late 20th century, next to Japanese cars such as the early 1990s Mitsubishi Diamante and Honda Legend.

It was displayed at the Amsterdam International Motor Show in February 1993, for the first time outside South Korea, but eventually wouldn’t be imported due to a sales price of over 100,000 Guilders.  The only other Asian sedan with such a high price was the contemporary Honda Legend.  However, several thousand Grandeurs were exported to some Asian countries (incl. Russia), and over 10,000 Dynastys in later years.  In the Philippines, a Grandeur was spotted with different bolder headlamps.

In South Korea it ranged between 11th to 13th spot in the sales chart, as the best selling executive car, accompanied by the Dynasty on 21st  spot by 1996.  Over the 1992~1998 period, some 170,000 were built, well over the 21,700 Mitsubishi Debonair in Japan, as with the former generation.  And 64,550 Hyundai Dynasty were built from 1996 to 2005.  Both Debonair and Dynasty were available as a LWB.

A similar proof display would occur at the 2001 New York International Auto Show for the 1st generation Hyundai Equus which would not be imported (nor to Western Europe).  Both next generation Grandeur (XG) and Equus would be imported, but the latter not in Western Europe.